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Found a thing

2015-07-22 13:41:03 by Tee-and-Kyu

If you don't get my love to Whispir den f*ck you

Update: Kyu is burnt out

2015-07-04 17:27:09 by Tee-and-Kyu

Kyu sent me this picture in the middle of the night... she might just need a break...




2015-06-14 17:37:50 by Tee-and-Kyu

Sup newgrounds. This is the duo Tee & Kyu! The members are simply Tee and Kyu, both of us have been making music for about 1,5 years or actually wait... Tee started a month before me -Kyu 2015. Whatever we're twins... ya... we make dance/electro music or as we call it: good shit.

That's it! Hope you'll enjoy our content that soon will be coming, as music is at the moment being created.

-Tee & Kyu